We found this model to be so obsolete and inefficient that we decided to create and launch our own formula to create a better value proposition.

What makes us so unique?

  • The way we assist our clients/tenants throughout their entire stay.
  • The way we contribute to the peace of mind of both the owner and the tenant.
  • Our HIVE Pack of personal attention and services included in a single monthly payment: utilities (electricity, gas and water), wifi, a weekly cleaning service (obligatory), maintenance service and the customized furnishing of the apartment (according to Hive standards).
  • We do not charge commissions.
  • Our model is based on the monthly payment from the tenant that incorporates a fixed and very affordable fee for all services rendered.

What do we offer to owners/investors?

  • For those who are looking for the profitability of renting a purchased property, we offer all the management of tenant search for a monthly fee of 50€+VAT.
  • Properties with great rental potential that Hive’s professionals will refurbish: painting, electrical appliances, and plumbing systems.

We have a clear commitment

  • Once the apartment is in perfect condition for the tenant to use and enjoy, we prove our commitment to the owner by investing in it with the attractive furnishing that Hive provides.
  • Our furnishing concept speeds up the renting process and reduces the investment cost of the owner/investor in the property.
  • If the apartment presents any kind of problem, we budget the solution together with our technicians and we provide it to the owner.

The best promotion and selection

  • Furnished and ready, we photograph the apartment and publish it through all our sales channels.
  • We filter the requests of interested clients according to financial solvency and profiles.
  • The most suitable profiles for each property receive a proposal that suggests both exclusivity and personalization in the selection process.
  • Prospective tenants are then presented to the property owner (with all necessary documentation checked).
  • Once the property owner chooses the ideal tenant, we propose a contract to be signed by both owner and tenant.
  • HIVE is only listed in one clause as the company that takes care of the utilities for the property. Additionally, the tenant signs another contract with Hive for the provision of the aforementioned services.